Solo traveler

Would you ever travel alone?  You have no specific plans just a plane ticket to a destination far far away.

I have always wanted to go to Canada but I had a bunch of excuses why I could not go….  It was too far.  It was too expensive.  I have nobody to go with.  I don’t have enough vacation time at work.  etc!!  I started to research beautiful Alberta, Canada and fell in love.  I just felt a pull that I had to be there.  I went into work the next day and asked my NEW boss (I was only working there two months) if I could wipe my vacation days clean and request off for a week.  She replied, OF COURSE!  That was much easier than I thought it was going to be.  With that green light, I booked a flight to Calgary International Airport in Alberta, Canada.  I began to read travel blogs & websites to prepare for my solo venture.  I read about transportation methods, the best tourist attractions, where to go hiking, and safe hotel options.  🙂 Now I was getting excited.

How does one handle a long commute?  I believe in breaking it up.  The whole transportation process took a looooonnnngggg time to reach my final destination so I planned little stops along the way.  The best idea was stopping in Banff first.  The awe inspiring beauty in this town is unbelievable.

I took a cab to the gondola and hot springs.  They were next door to one another.  The Banff gondola goes up 7486 feet to view the Canadian Rockies.  I hit up the Sky Bistro for a comforting grilled cheese and craft beer 😉  I could have spend more time here but I needed to get on my way!

The majority of my trip was in Lake Louise, Canada.  This breathtaking lake was JUST frozen over!!  I was able to walk on the lake and take in the beauty.  The hotel was wonderful and I met other solo travelers.  I become friends with three people and hung out with them most of my trip 🙂  We hiked, had high tea, went to the bar, toured around, etc.

All in all, it was an amazing experience that I’ll remember forever!  If you would really like to do something, end the excuses and leap.  LoL, I have to remind myself about that and apply it to OTHER areas in my life.  Well, here’s to STARTING 🙂


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